Angel Montesdeoca
Angel Montesdeoca (Product Manager IBM)

Angel is the former CEO & Founder of Leaders Working, an EdTech company acquired by Bloomberg.Following Leaders Working's acquisition, Angel worked in Venture Capital, investing and scaling SaaS, NextGen commerce, and AI companies before heading west to build and take to market products in analytics at Facebook and Google. Today, Angel works at IBM Watson where he leverages AI technology to develop products that will deliver empathy at scale.


Angel Montesdeoca Product Manager IBM
Carrie Leung
Carrie Leung (Cofounder SteamHead)

Carrie Leung is a native of San Francisco and has called Shenzhen, China home for the past six years.

Lifelong maker, mentor, thinker and tinkerer, she always strives to kindle curiosity and imagination that flames into something tangible.

A Silicon Valley veteran, Carrie made the shift from her tech and finance career into education, focusing on making relevant education accessible.

She empowers young minds and enables communities through making, sharing, and collaboration by executing project based learning methods, creating open source platforms, and encouraging grassroots movements in communities, as well as leveraging maker culture to positively progress communities internationally.


Carrie Leung Cofounder SteamHead
Christian Couder
Christian Couder (Senior Software Engineer GitLab)

Christian has been a Git developer for more than 12 years giving many presentations and trainings about it around the world. He works as a Git expert and developer for GitLab, and is among the top 15 Git developers when counting the number of commits.


Christian Couder Senior Software Engineer GitLab
Event Team
Frank Karlitschek
Frank Karlitschek (Founder Nextcloud)

Frank Karlitschek started the Nextcloud project to enable decentralized and secure cloud hosting. He has been involved with a variety of Free Software projects including having been a board member for the KDE community. Frank has spoken at MIT, CERN and ETH and keynoted LinuxCon, Latinoware, Akademy, FOSSASIA, openSUSE Con and many other conferences. Frank is the founder and CEO of Nextcloud Gmbh. Frank is a fellow of Open Forum Europe. 


Frank Karlitschek Founder Nextcloud
Gi Soong Chee
Gi Soong Chee (Program Manager FOSSASIA)


Gi Soong Chee Program Manager FOSSASIA
Haggen So
Haggen So (President HKCOTA)


Haggen So President HKCOTA
Haijiao Xing
Haijiao Xing


Haijiao Xing
Henk Werner
Henk Werner (CEO Trouble Maker)


Henk Werner CEO Trouble Maker
Hong Phuc Dang
Hong Phuc Dang (Founder FOSSASIA)
Hong, originally from Vietnam, lives in between Singapore and Berlin. She is the founder of FOSSASIA, the Free and Open Source (FOSS) organization in Asia developing software and hardware and improving people’s live through sharing Open Technologies. Hong steers the organization, directs project teams and runs events like the annual FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit since 2009. She also works on the development of skills of SUSI.AI, the Open Source personal assistant and advises the Pocket Science Lab Open Hardware project on business development. As a Science Hack ambassador she promotes Open Science and organizes Hackathons with the UNESCO throughout Asia. Hong Phuc supports global corporations like Daimler as a consultant to become more open. Currently she also collaborates in the Open Source team within Zalando and implements InnerSource strategies in the company.


Hong Phuc Dang Founder FOSSASIA
Li Ji
Li Ji (Lab Engineer and Manager Open FIESTA)


Li Ji Lab Engineer and Manager Open FIESTA
Luke Henderson
Luke Henderson (CCO (chief content officer) M5 Stack)

I'm Luke a Maker from Manchester, UK. I've been living in Shenzhen for almost 6 years.

From a young age I loved making you could always find me in the shed making some toy or new invention from a few pieces of wood. When I was in high school I started to teach myself programming and 3D design. Despite the fact that I love making, I also love to learn new languages, which led me to start traveling around Asia, eventually settling on Shenzhen as my new home.I realised Shenzhen was a paradise for makers, which took me into setting up my own 3d printing business teaching 3D design to kids.

After a short while I designed my own maker curriculum which covered all kinds of topics, everything from woodwork to programming.

in 2016 I was tasked with setting up and running a maker space within a co-working space and charged with the event management, which I gained a wealth of experience about startup businesses from.

After that I was in a few startups of varying success. In 2017 I joined M5 which is a modular prototyping device designed to be easy to create any of your ideas. At M5 I wear many hats as is expected in the startup world. I write curriculum for the M5 stem program, I work on R&D with the engineering team and also create content for our social media channels. 


Luke Henderson CCO (chief content officer) M5 Stack
Mario Behling
Mario Behling (CEO OpnTec)

Mario Behling is the CEO of OpnTec. He is a technologist with 15 years of experience in leading international development teams in Europe, Asia and India. He helped to get FOSSASIA started and works with the community on AI and Open Hardware solutions. Mario also designed and build a seven storey eco-hotel in Vietnam and setup mesh networks in Afghan schools.


Mario Behling CEO OpnTec
Martin Bähr
Martin Bähr (mentor Changsha LUG, BLUG)

Martin has been using Free Software for more than 20 years. He has lived and was active in the local Free Software community on four continents.

He eventually settled in China where he now lives with his family, running a small Web Development Shop. He continues to be active in the Free Software community. He was running the Beijing GNU/Linux User Group for four years and now mentors his successors and other groups. He founded the Free Software Community Leadership Roundtable, a forum where community leaders can share and support each other.

Through his career, his interest has always been Free Software that facilitates communication and collaboration and brings the world closer together.

His main focus is to work with chinese students and fresh graduates to give them work experience on international projects.


Martin Bähr mentor Changsha LUG, BLUG
Niibe Yutaka
Niibe Yutaka (Chairman Free Software Initiative of Japan)

Long-time Hacker around GNU, Linux and Debian.

Since 2010, he started Gnuk Project to build a USB cryptographic token, which is fully free, including PCB design, firmware, host side driver and its development environment.

He spends his half of working time for the maintenance of GnuPG and libgcrypt, and rest is used to maintain his thread library named Chopstx, TRNG implementation named NeuG, and the USB firmware named Gnuk.


Niibe Yutaka Chairman Free Software Initiative of Japan
Rafael Lee
Rafael Lee (Lead Embedded Engineer Dorabot Inc.)


Rafael Lee Lead Embedded Engineer Dorabot Inc.
Sifan Yang
Sifan Yang Deputy Director OPEN FIESTA
Vicky Xie
Vicky Xie (Director Shenzhen Innovation Lab)
Vicky Xie is the Global Cooperation Director at Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL). Before, she started off her career in the international department of Shenzhen Industrial Design Association. In the past few years, she played a key role to build up the first Fablab Makerspace in Shenzhen. Vicky Xie was part of the FAB11 delegation in Boston and later helped to bring the gathering of worldwide experts to Shenzhen. Fascinated by hands-on maker skills herself, she graduated from the Fab Academy and learned to design, prototype and fabricate her hardware ideas. At SZOIL she facilitates the collaboration between the international maker community and the Pearl River Delta.  Vicky have been offering innovation spring courses in colleges and companies and also offer innovation bootcamp and journey for large corporations such as LG, Airbus, Nissan, Topan and more. She also works closely with incubators and accelerators across the world hosting their cohorts in Shenzhen to take their ideas to prototypes and products. 


Vicky Xie Director Shenzhen Innovation Lab
Violet Su
Violet Su (Community Manager Seeed and Chaihuo x.factory)

Violet Su is the Community Manager at Seeed, and x.factory, she is also one of the core organizers of Maker Faire Shenzhen. Having joined Seeed in 2012, Violet currently serves as Community Manager, in charge of creating partnerships and programs for hardware development. She has been very actively spreading maker culture and building the maker community in China, as well as acting as a liaison between Chinese and international maker communities. Violet has a passion for language, culture, education and initiating collaborations across sectors.


Violet Su Community Manager Seeed and Chaihuo x.factory